Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This past Sunday, we shook off our holiday sweaters and slipped into something a little less comfortable to create a tableaux at Vintage Vivant's Forbidden Vices party. Charm School Vintage and Black Swan Theory curated the silky and salacious wardrobe, while yours truly designed some wigs befitting the denizens of a 1920s opium lair...

Some photos before we left the shop
Drea looking like a dream in our own Bernie Dexter lingerie!

A butterflied Blakesley

Miss Fiona taking nips off her flask...

Shari, of Charm School, fitting right in with the rest of the models

Erin made these tassled garters! I may need to carry these in the shop, no?
Shelley, of ATX Streetstyle blog, leggy as all get out
Jordan, reminds me of a gothic Snow White here...

Et moi, in the wig that I wish was my natural hair!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

12 Beautiful Monsters! Video!

Seeing the video is never a good substitute for seeing the show in person, but this edit captures a good part of it! Thanks to Adrian Tapia, of Concious Observer, for putting it together. And thank you to all the performers, designers, and makeup artists who made this show the best one yet!