Thursday, October 27, 2011

12 Beautiful Monsters! Portraits from our last show by Jeremiah Newton.

The Bride
Dancer: Mari Akita
Costume: Sacred Heart Rubber
Makeup: Johanna Esper

The Mummy
Dancer: Lilith Black
Designer: Jessica Kitty Buick
Makeup: AnnaLani

The Devil
Dancer: Shari Gerstenberger
Costume: CurryBeth
Makeup: Johanna Esper

Creature from the Black Leather Lagoon
Dancer: Ruby Lamb
Costume: Lovecraft Vintage
Makeup: Ashley Hancock

The Basilisk
Dancer: Amae
Styled by: Amae and Allyson
Makeup: AnnaLani

Photo by Kate Marie Hellenbeck

The Succubus
Dancer: Coco Lectric
Designer: Katinka Pinka
Makeup: AnnaLani

The Sea Witch
Performed by Mistress Stephanie
Designer: Chia
Makeup: Sassy Miss Waxy

The Spider Queen
Dancer: Sara Stark
Designers: Black Swan Theory
Makeup: Johanna Esper

The Twins
Dancers: two left feet
Designer: Kramp Kouture
Makeup: Ashley Hancock

The Grim Reaper
Dancer: Ruby Joule
Lingerie: Megan Summerville
Jewels, Cape, Styling: Allyson Garro, Hallie Martin

The Weird Sisters
Dancers: Ellen Stader, Debra McAdoo, Jennifer Sherburn
Makeup: Sassy Miss Waxy
Designer: Allyson Garro

The Vampire Queen
Dancer: Drea DiPrete
Designer: Tina Sparkles
Makeup: Ashley Hancock

***All Wigs by Coco Coquette***
More full-length show photos to follow!

Wigs on display and available for purchase at Coco Coquette!