Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dreaming in Color

If you missed "Dreaming in Color," Coco Coquette's trip down early 90s Club Kid memory lane, here's a pictorial recap!

The show was funded by vitaminwater, and was to be a designer contest for the best flavor- inspired outfit. I teamed up with Big Green House, Sarah K. Wolf, Tolly Moseley and Mouthfeel ATX to create the most eye-popping show vitaminwater had ever seen! This was also a benefit for AIDS Services of Austin, which made it even that much more cool...

The show opened with Jenny Woys' of Champagne Derelicts look on Miss Drea DiPrete

Bithiah Bland of Eatyour Heartout designed this Purple Haze piece for Brady-Juice Faucett

Sassy Delure designed AND performed. The boundless talents of this lady never cease to amaze!

Amelia Raley created this Victorian- inspired caged bird ensemble, modeled flawlessly by Drew Johnson

Billy Beast and Aaron Flynn had the most inspired look, manifesting the AIDS virus through fabric manipulation, while Mari Akita interpreted this infection in her riveting movement!
Amanda Martinez designed a darling bandita costume, inspired by Willie Nelson's "Blue Skies", and was danced by our own Shari Gerstenberger of Charm School Vintage!

Another designer/ dancer; Sarah Stark wowed the audience with her Gold Digger booty bounce and mega bling!

Angeliska Polacheck had the winning look, however, with her girlie dream fantastical pink unicorn costume. Sarah Marsh, of Brass Ovaries, stole the show with her gravity- defying pole tricks!

Sarah K Wolf wearing one of our wigs....

Me and Shari embracing our inner club kids...
These custom wigs and more are on display and for sale at Coco Coquette right now... Halloween is just around the corner- what are you waiting for?

Photo Credits: All portraits by Jeremiah Newton. All full length photos by John Leach